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Moving Day Checklist for Home Sellers

Moving Day Checklist for Home Sellers



This Moving Day Checklist will help you to remember all the finer details you need to look after when selling your home.

Moving Day Checklist | First Time Home Buyer Calgary

Moving Day Checklist | First Time Home Buyer Calgary




___     All Meters Read, Call in Reading’s          ____________ Electric Meter Reading

___     Telephone Disconnected                       ____________ Gas Meter Reading

___     Lights Turned Off                                 ____________ Water Meter Reading

___     Windows/ Doors Shut & Locked

___     Home Keys Left as agreed upon

___     Canada Post Mail Keys Left, c/w Direction to box & Number

___     Leave Forwarding Address with new Owners, & / or Stickers

___     Utilities Companies Notified

___     Mail has been forwarded

___     Home has been cleaned

___     Carpets Cleaned

___     Yard Clean, Grass Cut, Walk Shoveled

___     Garage Clean and Empty

___     Appliance Manuals left on Counter

___     Home Plans or warranties Left on Counter

___     Final Check in Drawers, Closets, Dishwasher, for Personal Items

___     Any Garbage left so City will take it


You and your personal belongings must be out of the home before 12:00 Noon on possession date. (or as per the Contract)


Your Realtor will call you to let you know when your lawyer has received the funds



The City of Calgary Information Center Telephone number: 268-4636 or 311, or

Website: www.informcalgary.org


For a free copy of this checklist, and to find additional free helpful guides and documents, visit: https://firsttimehomebuyercalgary.com/packages-for-available-for-download